Divorce Mediation Decisions

Divorce Mediation – Empowering Wise Decision Making2 min read

Whether you mediate or litigate your divorce the process is one that involves decision making. The decisions that parties must make will be in three main areas: Parenting, Dividing Marital Assets and Financial Support. Couples who choose a cooperative mediated process will be able to make their own decisions and control the outcome of the divorce process. The key to wise decision making requires that the parties take the time to educate themselves on the facts and the laws that apply to their case. Good decision making requires that the parties manage their emotions, engage in financial planning and when there are children involved they must consider how the divorce process and their parenting plan will impact the welfare of their children. In order to have the confidence to make their own decisions the couple will find that it is reassuring to have a skilled mediator facilitate the decision-making process. At Breer Law Offices in addition to providing a mediation process that results in over 95% settlement success for our clients, we educate our clients on the laws that apply to their case. We provide expertise on all financial matters, including real estate, investment accounts, retirement, employee compensation, valuation, support guidelines, and characterization of marital assets. We have extensive options for helping couples determine a parenting plan that will allow for frequent and continuing contact with both parents and that will be in the best interests of their children. As part of the Breer Law Offices mediation program, we process all the divorce paperwork necessary to complete your divorce process with the Superior Court. Couples who use our mediation services can be confident that they have made informed decisions and that the legal process will be completed competently. As an added bonus we provide all mediation services using a flat fee and couples always know how much our mediation services will cost from the beginning of the divorce process through settlement and entry of judgment. The first step is for you and your spouse to schedule an Initial Consultation with one of our mediators.

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