Flat Fee Mediation Programs

Our Flat Fee, Hourly and Online Mediation Services allow our clients to keep their marital conflicts out of court, meet the needs of their children, and reduce the emotional and financial costs that often accompany an adversarial litigated divorce.

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Our innovative Flat Fee Mediation Programs are designed by Attorney Terri Breer, a leader in the family mediation community, who has been mediating divorce settlements for over three decades. We provide the assistance our clients need to create their own divorce settlements while enabling them to manage conflict, reduce costs and provide a safe environment for decision making.

Our flat fee services include all the paperwork necessary to commence your divorce process with the Superior Court, complete your required disclosure process and to secure entry of judgment incorporating your settlement agreement. No court appearances are required, and our clients can complete the mediation process by meeting in person or virtually for their Mediation Sessions.

When the mediation fee is paid at the beginning of the mediation process the parties are not distracted by concern about hourly fees and costs during each mediation session. Instead of focusing on the clock and calculating how much you are spending for the mediation session, you can put all your energy and attention towards the decision-making process.

  • 3-5 Mediation Sessions with a professional mediator.
  • Preparation and filing of all legal forms and documents necessary to commence and complete the divorce process with your local jurisdiction.
  • Written Settlement that is prepared as Stipulated Judgment for entry of judgment in accordance with your agreed settlement terms and conditions.
  • Referrals to other divorce professionals as needed to assist couples in making informed, smart decisions about the division of their marital property, support issues and parenting plans.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE Flat Fee Mediation Programs offered by New Day Divorce please call to schedule an Initial Consultation with your spouse and one of our Mediators.

5-Step Process

New Day Divorce Mediation Programs utilize a five (5) step process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Step 2: Information Gathering and Completion of Disclosure Process

Step 3: 3-5 Mediation Sessions – Facilitated settlement discussions with your professional mediator

Step 4: Completing and signing of Marital Settlement Agreement

Step 5: Document Preparation & Entry of Judgment. 

Success Rate: Over 95% of our clients resolve their divorce disputes using our cooperative, streamlined approach to decision making. 

We guide our clients’ through the mediation process by providing tools for mediation success that include the following:

  • Educating the client regarding the legal information applicable to their circumstances
  • Providing clients with a mediation structure and problem-solving model that empowers decision making.
  • Teaching clients how to make proposals and counter proposals.
  • Encouraging clients to participate directly in negotiating the written terms and conditions that the mediator will incorporate into their settlement agreements.
  • Integrating professional and other resources into the mediation process to provide accurate financial information necessary for a high level of decision making.
  • Supporting the family by integrating co-parenting support, child experts, parenting resources, and mental health professionals

First Step – The Initial Consultation

The first step in determining whether a New Day Divorce Mediation program will work for you and your family is to schedule an Initial Consultation.  At the Initial Consultation a professional mediator will meet with you and your spouse for 1 to 1 ½ hours.  You will be provided with a proposed mediation program designed specifically for your case and a quote for the flat fee that will be charged in your case.

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"I wanted to thank you for taking such a great care of our client. Her thank you note to us said 'I just wanted to thank you for referring me to Terri Breer! She did a fantastic job. I owe you for that referral – she took great care of me!'"

~ Maryellen M.