Give up your Wizards!

Give up your Wizards!2 min read

Many people will advise divorcing couples to rely on their attorneys and the Judge assigned to their case to obtain the best result in their divorce proceedings. Divorcing couples and their well meaning friends and family members may believe that the court will be the best place to solve all of their family law disputes and that magically the Judge will know what to do in their case and will grant them all their wishes in the divorce. Like Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion who are “off to see the Wizard” and travel to the Emerald City because they are certain the Wizard of Oz will provide them all they desire, divorcing couples go to the Courthouse eager to present their case to the Judge. Couples may believe that somehow their respective attorney will cast a spell over the legal proceedings and that as long as they have a powerful attorney on their side they will obtain a favorable ruling in Court. But like Dorothy and her traveling companions, the divorcing couple will soon discover, that the Judge randomly assigned to their case and their high priced attorney, like the Wizard of Oz are just normal people, and that the allure, charisma, pomp and circumstance of the all knowing Wizard, spell-casting Attorney or magical Judge are idealistic fantasies and not based on reality.

When couples mediate their divorces and give up their wizards, they will discover that their is no magical spell or person that will grant all their wishes in the divorce. Couples who mediate are going to be more realistic about the divorce process, and will discover that they are the ones who are best situated to make their own decisions and not the Judge. Divorcing couples who work with a trained professional divorce mediator will learn that mediation empowers wise decision making and they have everything they need to negotiate a satisfactory agreement with their spouse. With a cooperative mindset and the assistance of a trained professional mediator the divorcing couple will find that there is no better place to resolve their divorce disputes then at the mediator’s table.

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