Hourly Divorce Mediation

Our Flat Fee, Hourly and Online Mediation Services allow our clients to keep their marital conflicts out of court, meet the needs of their children, and reduce the emotional and financial costs that often accompany an adversarial litigated divorce.

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The New Day Divorce Flat Fee Mediation Program is appropriate for mediating most divorce cases; however, in some cases due to the sophistication or complexity of the parties’ assets, source or variability of their income, level of conflict between the parties or difficulties with parenting issues, some cases will require an hourly fee structure and will be assigned to Attorney Mediator Terri Breer who will provide mediation services based on her hourly rate of $500 per hour.

Collaboration with Other Divorce Professionals

Often New Day Divorce hourly cases will require that the parties include additional professionals who will collaborate with Ms. Breer and the parties in providing the legal, financial, or parenting support needed to resolve the issues in the case. For example, if there is a business that needs to be valued, cash flow for support that needs to be determined or employee equity compensation in the form of stock options, RSU’s or deferred compensation, the parties will also retain additional professionals to assist them with these issues.

Sometimes, parenting issues will be challenging due to long distance parenting arrangements, special needs of children, or when children are at different developmental stages. For example, creating a parenting plan when there are young children as well as teenagers, or when a child is refusing contact with one parent will present issues where a coparenting expert is needed.

Whenever there is the need to collaborate with other professionals due to the complexities of the parties’ issues an hourly fee arrangement is usually appropriate.

Initial Consultation

At the parties’ Initial Consultation, the mediator will determine whether a flat fee mediation program will meet the needs of the clients or whether an hourly fee arrangement and collaboration with additional divorce professionals will be needed.

All hourly mediation services will include:

  • Preparation and filing of all legal forms and documents necessary to commence and complete the divorce process with your local jurisdiction.
  • Written Settlement Agreement and Stipulated Judgment confirming your agreed settlement terms and conditions.
  • Collaboration with other divorce professionals if needed to assist couples in making informed, smart decisions about the division of their marital and separate property, support issues and parenting plans.
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