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At New Day Divorce our goal is to empower you to make decisions using a cooperative, step-by-step process that enables you to control the outcome of your divorce. When couples make their own decisions they are able to reduce the costs and conflict of the divorce process, meet the needs of their children and avoid the emotional stress of adversarial legal proceedings.

Finding a good divorce attorney is important; however, before you simply hire an attorney to handle your divorce, you should take the time to select the right dispute resolution process for you and your family. Couples and families who are facing divorce benefit most when they avoid litigation, stay out of court and choose a mediation process to resolve their family law dispute.

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Decision Making Tools

We educate our clients about the legal rules that apply to their case so that they understand their rights and obligations, and provide them with helpful decision-making tools that are designed to provide the knowledge and information needed to make wise decisions while reducing the conflict that often accompanies the divorce process.

If desired, the divorcing couple can assemble a customized team of divorce professionals to meet all of their needs, including financial, emotional, parenting and legal. The integrated model provides you with the services you need from the professionals most qualified to address each of the complex and varied issues of the divorce. The combination of the cooperative mediation process with the collaborative divorce model empowers our clients to make wise decisions and to successfully resolve all the issues in their divorce without litigation.

How It Works

Couples who select our Divorce Mediation Programs jointly retain a neutral Divorce Mediator to guide them through the divorce process using a problem-solving, step by step system designed to facilitate the parties negotiation process and arrive at a settlement agreement that will be suitable for filing with the Superior Court of California in their jurisdiction. The mediation process includes all the paperwork from Initial Filing of the Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage through Entry of Judgment.

The Divorce Mediator facilitates communication between the parties concerning the division of the marital assets and debts, the payment of financial support, and sharing parenting responsibilities. No court appearances are required, and the parties control the decision-making process. When the parties work together cooperatively in this manner, they avoid the high costs of litigation attorneys and expensive court hearings.

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"Ms. Breer did an outstanding job of helping me and my spouse evaluate issues and enabled us to reach a fair and reasonable resolution. I always felt like Ms. Breer was more than just an independent third party she was like a partner in the process who actually cared about helping us reach an agreement and always wanted us to keep our focus on how our decision making and behavior would impact our child."

~ Linda S.

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When you choose mediation or a settlement focused process for handling your divorce, you will achieve more for your family because you control the outcome of your divorce, not a judge. Discover how you can keep your family out of court, make better decisions, and have fewer regrets.

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All Flat Fee and Online Mediation Programs include the following:

  • 3-5 Mediation Sessions with a professional mediator.
  • Preparation and filing of all legal forms and documents necessary to commence and complete the divorce process with your local jurisdiction.
  • Written Settlement that is prepared as Stipulated Judgment for entry of judgment in accordance with your agreed settlement terms and conditions.
  • Referrals to other divorce professionals as needed to assist couples in making informed, smart decisions about the division of their marital property, support issues and parenting plans.