Mediation Training

New Day Divorce Mediation Training Programs are designed to provide California mediators with the knowledge, skill and tools they need to competently, and confidently mediate divorce and family law matters.

While most training participants are divorce mediators there are also many professionals from financial, mental health, real estate, and coaching backgrounds who enroll in our trainings because they want to become more informed about the divorce process and be better equipped to advise their clients before, during and after divorce. 

New Day Divorce training programs are presented in person to allow participants to enjoy meeting and dialoging with other family law and conflict resolution professionals during the Breakfast and Lunch breaks.

Additionally, online training programs will be offered beginning in 2024 for those professionals who prefer to participate in online training programs from their own home or office.

MCLE credit for California Attorneys and MC3 Certification Credits are provided to professionals who complete New Day Divorce training programs.

40-Hour Mediation Training Is Not Enough

Mediation Training

There are many excellent 40-hour mediation programs available to train mediators; however, these 40-hour trainings are not sufficient in and of themselves to provide mediators with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to mediate divorce and other family law matters in California.

Whether they are licensed attorneys or not, divorce mediators must be familiar with the California Family Law Code and have the necessary legal knowledge to competently mediate the division of real estate, retirement assets, stock options, or businesses. 40-hour Training Programs do not include sufficient curriculum to competently navigate these marital property issues. Nor do these 40-hour training courses provide the basic legal information needed to mediate child and spousal support, or to obtain an understanding of the statutes that pertain to paying for children’s expenses and drafting parenting plans.

Many psychologists, MFT’s, coaches, CDFA, financial professionals and other professionals who have completed 40-hour training programs are excellent at resolving conflicts and easily grasp the underlying skills and mediation tools that form the basis of 40-hour curriculums, but they need more if they want to competently mediate divorce cases.

Since there are no laws or statutes required to be followed by mediators in California, and anyone can mediate, New Day Divorce founder, Terri Breer, designed New Day Divorce’s Mediation Training Programs to raise the standard of care for Divorce Mediators. Ms. Breer wants to ensure that family mediators are not just effective in using their conflict resolution skills, but that they also have the legal information and knowledge they need to competently mediate their divorce cases and the ability to recognize when collaboration with financial, parenting, real estate or other professionals is essential.

Love this mediation training!

~ Christine Harney, Family Law Attorney

Essentials for California Divorce Mediators

The New Day Divorce Mediation Training Series “Essentials for California Divorce Mediators” is designed  to provide the additional training needed to accompany a 40-hour Mediation Training Program. The curriculum includes the basic Family Law Statutes, case law and legal principles that all family law mediators need to know to mediate the “garden variety” divorce.

Non-Attorney Mediators

In addition to providing training participants with the legal information they need; Ms. Breer has designed the training curriculum to include practical advice on how non-attorneys must avoid claims of the unlawful practice of law. Ms. Breer believes that mediators should be responsible for shepherding their clients from the commencement of the legal proceedings to entry of judgment. Her training programs provide the necessary resources for non-attorneys so that they can collaborate with Legal Document Assistants or licensed Attorneys to draft and file the legal paperwork necessary to process their mediated settlements in California Superior Courts.

Attorney Mediators

For attorneys who enroll in New Day Divorce Training Programs, the curriculum provides information and skills to allow the attorney to transition from litigation to mediation. Attorneys new to family law will benefit from the Divorce 101 legal topics with the emphasis on the basic legal statutes and rules for handling marital property, support and parenting as well as legal paperwork from filing the Petition to Entry of Judgment. The attorney will learn how to move from their role as legal advocates providing legal advice, to the new role as a mediator providing legal information.

Training Materials

Training participants are provided with a Training Notebook and/or access to our digital library with forms and templates required to administer every phase of the mediation process, including Mediation Services Agreements, Client Questionnaires, Client Homework Packets and Handouts, Marital Settlement Agreement/Stipulated Judgment templates, Parenting Plans, and legal forms.

Training Programs

The “Essentials for California Divorce Mediators” series includes the following mediation training programs:

  • 5-Step System for California Divorce Mediation
  • Core Competencies and Advanced Strategies for Dividing Marital Property
  • Mastering the Marital Balance Sheet
  • Divorce 101 and Drafting Settlements
  • Mediating Child and Spousal Support
  • Mediating and Drafting Parenting Plans that Work for Coparents & Children