Why Flat Fee Mediation?

The Advantages Of Flat Fee Divorce Mediation2 min read

Breer Law Offices has been providing flat fee divorce mediation services for over 25 years. Our flat fee 5-Step Divorce Mediation Program provides not only the certainty of the costs of the mediation process, but also offers a “one stop shop” for all the services related to negotiating settlements and filing the divorce paperwork with the court. Our clients never see the inside of the courthouse and make their own decisions regarding parenting their children, determining the amount of child and spousal support, and how they will divide their marital property. Our Flat Fees include 3 to 5 mediation sessions and all the paperwork necessary to complete the divorce process. Over 90% of our clients will sign their divorce settlement at their last session. When parties pay a flat fee at the beginning of their case and they know that this payment represents the total fees and costs of the entire process, they no longer have to worry about the uncertainty of how much their divorce might cost. Several of our mental health colleagues have shared with us that among the reasons they like referring cases to Breer Law Offices is that the flat fee mediation program has the advantage of allowing them to better meet their clients’ emotional needs during the divorce. Instead of having to provide counseling or therapy sessions that focuses on their clients’ fears related to how much the divorce is costing and the uncertainty of not knowing how much it will cost them to finish the process, the mental health professional can immediately provide the coaching and the emotional support a particular client needs to cope with the many emotional challenges that often accompany the divorce process.

Similarly, when the entire mediation fee is paid at the beginning of the mediation process the parties are not distracted by concern about accruing fees and cost during each mediation session. Instead of focusing on the clock and calculating how much they are spending for the mediation session, the couple can put all their energy and attention towards the decision-making process.

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